New Year’s Eve in Innsbruck


For many reasons, this year has been extremely tough for Helene and me and the people around us. I think this has been a strange year with lots of negativity for many people. So I have to say, I’m happy to see the end of it.

Looking on the bright side, both my sisters gave birth to their 2nd child. I have friends who welcomed their first child into the world and Helene and myself also welcomed our first baby into the world – we named it Tirol Box.

So there are many positives that have emerged out of this not so good year, which should be the main focus. However you look at it, it is always good to celebrate the good things on New Years Eve (Silvester in German) and welcome 2017 with happiness and positivity.

I recently wrote a blog post in the #myinnsbruck blog about where to go this year for New Years Eve/Silvester in Innsbruck.

In the past, my favourite moments have been celebrating the new year in Sydney to watch the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and DJing at Ministry of Sound in London. 

For me now, Innsbruck tops all of my previous celebrations. There is just something very special about being in the mountains and watching the fireworks at 2000 metres above sea level.

Innsbruck fireworks. Photo: Nordkette. Jewel of the Alps.

Seeing the different colours lighting up the snowy mountain walls is amazing to experience. And of course having the opportunity to DJ and party in Cloud 9’s Iglu up at Seegrube, was a highlight I will never forget. Especially watching everyone of all ages dance the waltz in the snow under the fireworks. 

DJing in the Iglu at 2000 metres above sea level. Photo: Nordkette. Jewel of the Alps.

The first year I was here, we spent the evening at Patscherkofel with a dinner followed by a party. As mentioned in my article on the #myinnsbruck blog, seeing my mates Rob and Max arriving just in time for the fireworks after ski touring and split-boarding up the mountain was brilliant. Well done guys! 

Again this year, we will celebrate New Years Eve here in Innsbruck. Exactly where and what we will do is not known yet because there are many options available. But whatever we do, we will welcome the new year with open arms and wave good bye to 2016.

We hope that you all had a great Christmas and we wish everyone a fantastic new year, full of positivity, success and happiness. Cheers!

Ashley Wiggins.

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