Mountain love with a Riedel wine decanter – February highlight product


Next month’s highlight product is very special. Mouth-blown and handmade in Kufstein by expert glassmakers, the Riedel Bliss decanter is unique and fantastic for sharing wine and other drinks.

February is the month of love, so a heart elegantly pressed into this glass is perfectly reflecting this. No decanter is exactly the same and each one is made specifically for your box.

The Riedel wine decanter “Bliss”.

Enjoying a romantic evening with your loved one is something that should take place on a regular basis, but even more so on Valentines Day. What better way to do this than to cook a delicious meal together and select your favourite wine for your new mouth-blown Bliss decanter.

As we have already heard from our customers, some of the products featured in Tirol Box have become a talking point when having guests over for lunch or dinner parties. The Bliss decanter is no different and will make many friends and family wish they had signed up to Tirol Box for February. No Tirol Box theme is repeated, every month is different.

Mouth-blown and handmade in Kufstein, Tirol.

We filmed an exclusive interview with Riedel’s CEO and 11th generation Maximilian Riedel. Not only did he tell us about his family business in Kufstein, but specifically our February highlight product.

To get the best out of a wine, you need to allow it to breath and Riedel wine decanters are designed to do exactly this, as well as presenting the wine in a piece of handmade art. You can also use the Bliss decanter for other drinks, as Mr. Riedel explains in our video:

Introduce some mountain love into your Valentines Day and extend it for many more romantic moments to come. Make sure you order by 20th January to secure your place in the Tirol Box club for February.

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