Husky Sledding in Tirol


Winter is finally here, which brings me a lot of excitement. In England, we would get maybe two weeks of snow and that’s it. In that time the chaos would start; public transport would not be able to cope and there would be many problems that followed – this is with only 5cm of snow, which is laughable for Tirolean standards.

For me and for many others, snow equals fun. There is so much to do when there is lots of snow. Building snowmen, sledging, skiing, snowboarding, ski touring/splitboarding, all sorts. There is also Husky sledding.

The Husky Man (Martin Eigentler) has his own ranch in Embach, Tirol with 20 to 30 Huskies. He takes part in many competitions worldwide and there is also a movie about him: Der Husky Mann.


The Husky Ranch

The ranch is situated in a wide valley, where there is a long track for the training and fun to commence. These dogs have a wonderful life. They dream to run and pull things and they live as part of a pack, as if they were wolves.

The Husky Ranch.

We arrived in the morning and spent some time meeting the Huskies. You have to be careful as they are like wild dogs, but if you show them respect, they will show you respect and everything is fine.

Happy dogs.

Martin spends most of his time with them, he even sleeps outside with them all year round, which is absolutely fascinating.

Martin with his Huskies.

Getting ready for Husky sledding

We got the sleds out and the Huskies became very excited and starting running around the ranch and howling like wolves. We were given the basics of how to steer and brake, then the Huskies were attached to the leads.

Ready to go.

The gates opened, we released the brake and POW, we were off. There were 12 dogs pulling my sled and their strength was unbelievable. When we got out in the open, they really picked up some speed.

Out on the open straight.

With the wonderful views of the white snow on the ground and trees, the bright blue skies above and the fresh air rushing past my face. This was truly magical.

We were guided along the long straight and then up into the woods and back again, with varying speeds. You have to concentrate and have a good grip because the Huskies will not wait for you, unless the Husky Man gave the orders to do so of course.

In the woods.

 It was an amazing day/extended morning; lunch was included and we had another run, we hung out with the Huskies and also took them for a gentle walk. I will never forget it.

The pack.

If you want to experience Husky sledding, go to Martin’s website to book.

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