Giesswein for the slopes – January highlight product


Winter has arrived and Giesswein will prepare you for it. We haven’t had a dump of snow for a few weeks now in Innsbruck, but it is bitterly cold. Any moment now, everywhere in the city will be covered in fluffy white snow and the slopes will be ready for you.

As seen in our previous two boxes, the products in Tirol Box are specifically chosen by us to fit the month’s theme. Next month is “Get Ready for the Slopes”.

January is always fantastic in Tirol to ski and snowboard down the mountain. With the ski season well underway and whether you are out and about or sledging, we have the perfect companion for you.

Up the mountain

You’ve had a wonderful morning on the slopes; breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your face, enjoying the unbelievable views around you and gliding yourself down the mountain.
When stopping for lunch at the nearby wooden hut, it is important to keep yourself warm when sitting outside. Your head is where your body loses most of its heat, so having a decent hat is essential for the slopes.


High-quality from Giesswein

This very special hat will keep you warm and comfortable in the winter months. It is made with virgin sheep’s wool, just like the hot water bottle that was the highlight product in November. This wool is from the first cut when the lamb is about six months old, making the material extra soft. We have the beige version for the ladies and the black version for the men.


It’s a classic design, high-quality and durable which means you will have this hat for many years to come. Made with wool, it is breathable and has self-cleaning properties.

Giesswein has been making high quality products since 1954. They make their products in Brixlegg, Tirol, and we are proud to again include their fine creations in Tirol Box.

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