Feel Cosy at Home with Giesswein

Autumn has begun, the leaves on the trees change to red, yellow and brown. The sun sets sooner and the mountain air chills the valley earlier each night. Winter is on the horizon and there is nothing like a cuddly evening at home with the chimney on, a warm drink in hand and the wonderful “Moritz” hot water bottle from Giesswein.

For our first month’s box, we present to you the theme “Feel Cosy at Home”. November in Tirol means we get excited and ready for the long snowy winter ahead. The alpine air rapidly cools due to glaciers receiving more and more dumps of fluffy white snow. After a day of fun on the mountains, we warm ourselves up in the evening with the “Moritz” hot water bottle from Giesswein.

Made for you by Giesswein in Tirol

Made for you in Brixlegg, Tiroler Unterland. The beautiful stag on the front symbolises strength in keeping you warm and cosy for longer. 100% virgin sheep wool is used to provide premium quality. This type of wool is from the very first sheer, making it super soft and fine. Only wool shorn from living sheep can be labelled pure wool, which is also very functional. It self cleans, absorbs moisture, protects against the cold, has a natural temperature equalising effect and many more benefits. Giesswein has over 40 years experience in producing high quality products in Tirol. They use pure wool to maximise on durability and your comfort.

This highlight product is perfect for feeling cosy at home and keeping you warm in the coming Winter. Using premium quality 100% virgin wool and Giesswein’s innovative design, means it won’t let you down and you won’t let it leave your side. This will become your new best friend.

Don’t be left in the cold

Order Tirol Box by the 20th of October to guarantee your place in the Tirol Box club. As most of the products are handmade specifically for you, we only have a limited amount of spaces available. Don’t be left in the cold, order your Tirol Box today.  Along with “Moritz” by Giesswein, our highlight product, Tirol Box will also include 4 to 11 other products from Tirol, carefully chosen for you. The monthly themes and highlight products are only available in Tirol Box, not Tirol Box basic. You can find all the details on our Subscribe page. Discover Tirol like never before.

By the way, the value of the “Moritz” hot water bottle is €79.90. The value of the Tirol Box is about €140 and the starting price for our customers is €122 + postage and packaging. All prices include VAT.

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