Is the payment transaction secure?

Yes, we use the established payment system of Wirecard. Their online security/fraud protection details can be found on their website. For Visa and MasterCard transactions, Wirecard has the 3D secure process integrated.

The 3D secure process is synonymous with maximum security online and is used by Visa and MasterCard credit card organisations under the title “verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode”.

How will my order be delivered and when can I expect it?

Your box will be delivered depending on when you place your order. Many of our products are handmade or partly handmade and most of the products are produced specifically for your box. Meaning we have to order products from our suppliers on the same date each month so they have enough time to produce them for you.

Orders made by the 20th of the month will be dispatched within the first 10 days the following month. Orders made on the 21st or later in the month will be dispatched within the first 10 days of the month after the following month. For example, if you place your order on the 15th August, the first box you will receive is the September box. If you place your order on the 25th August, you have unfortunately missed the cut-off date for the next month, so the first box you will receive is the October box.

Are there very renowned brands such as Swarovski, Riedel and Giesswein in every box?

No. The Tirol Box is priced according to the value of the products included. Every month will include one or two highlight products from either one of these brands or another Tirolean brand.

What determines the price?

The price is determined by the value of the box’s contents. We do not fill up the boxes with free samples, every product is paid for to support our suppliers and the Tirolean economy. Unlike other subscription boxes, if we include a free sample product, it will be an added extra and will never replace a product already planned for that box. We will also communicate this with our customers. We are proud to be independent and source the products ourselves. We choose what is included and what is not. Every product is carefully selected so that it fits the month’s theme and our values.

What’s the difference between Tirol Box and Tirol Box basic?

Tirol Box is our main product and the most exclusive. There is a limited number of spaces in this exclusive club for this box because of the products included and we are not interested in mass-production. Being a part of this limited club, you can look forward to 5 to 12 Tirolean lifestyle, home decor, beauty/wellbeing, food and drink products (not all categories will be featured in every box). The monthly subscription price starts at € 122 (incl.VAT) + postage and packaging. The value of the Tirol Box is around € 140 (incl. VAT).

Tirol Box basic is a smaller box and includes daily essentials. This box is not as exclusive as the Tirol Box, but still limited due to the nature of the production of each product. With Tirol Box basic, you can look forward to 7 to 8 Tirolean daily essentials: daily grain, spreadable/dip, drink, sweet/savoury snack, soap, skin care, shower soap/gel/shampoo. The monthly subscription price starts at € 45 (incl.VAT) + postage and packaging. The value of the Tirol box basic is around € 50 (incl. VAT).

Why are there no themes for Tirol Box basic?

Tirol Box basic allows our customers to have a little taste of Tirol and the wonderful products that come from the local mountains and valleys. The value of each basic box is lower than the Tirol Box, so the range of products is not as big.

Do you offer discount codes?

No. Our products are at the highest quality and most of them are made for each box we deliver. There is a certain value of these products, which is represented in the price of each box and this is important for us and our suppliers. However, there is already a discount included depending on the subscription plan that you choose, subscribe to Tirol Box for longer and benefit further by paying less for each month.

Shoe sizes / t-shirt sizes – why have I not received footwear or clothing yet, even though I entered my details in when I first signed up?

We collect this information to allow us to include these products in the future. Good things come to those that wait. Footwear and clothing will be included at some point.

Are all products really from Tirol?

We believe in the high quality of Tirolean products and the inventive spirit that the mountains give us. It is our aim to source products that come from Tirol and fit our monthly themes (Tirol Box) and daily essentials (Tirol Box basic). 85% of the products featured are solely produced in Tirol, the remaining 15% are designed/developed in Tirol.

What determines the shipping price?

We work closely with Austria Post. The boxes are quite big and heavy (up to 5 kg for a Tirol Box and up to 3 kg for a Tirol Box basic), also every box has shipping insurance. The shipping rates also depend on where you live. More information you will see on the checkout page when you select your country.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, for 3 and 6 months subscription plans you can pause for 1 month. For example when you go on holiday. Please get in touch with us before you want to use your 1 month pause, so we can arrange this with you.

Can I gift a box?

Yes, simply add another delivery address at the checkout.

How can I contact you?

We are happy to receive any questions, feedback/comments or just a general hello (“Servus” in Tirol). Please use the contact form to get in touch. We try our best to reply to your message as soon as possible. We are regularly up on the mountain or exploring the valleys of Tirol to source new and fantastic products for you. So we hope you understand that it can take up to 48 hours to reply to your email.