Das Sieben – the health retreat


Our next partner hotel is a health retreat located in the “spa town” of Bad Häring, which is close to Helene’s hometown Kufstein. Following the discovery of a sulphur source in 1951, health tourism was born.

Das Sieben is a health hotel, but not a clinic. There is a range of therapies and packages on offer. Whether you are looking for specific treatments, rehabilitation, detoxing, or just a relaxing holiday, Das Sieben has it all.

Welcome to your health retreat.

Das Sieben represents the seven elements for a balanced life: life, soul, health, food, sleep, recreation and nature.

The seven elements.

A healthy holiday does not mean it can’t be enjoyable. If you are thinking like me; a relaxing holiday equals indulgence on all levels (which is also possible here), but when you stay at this hotel, you are subtly encouraged to be good to your mind, body and soul. Thus not over indulging, which is a good thing.

Checking in to your health retreat

We checked in and the friendly staff welcomed us with offering to wash our car – as if they were reading our minds, because we were just discussing that it needed to be done, great stuff.

What caught my attention as we were checking in was the snow shoe group that were returning from a tour organised by the hotel. This is one of the health activities for you to try out, of which we did, more on that later.

The large, light and open lobby included seating areas for talking or reading with an array of health related books on offer in the wooden book cases.

A choice of books for you.

The smell of wood was present throughout the lobby, hallways and rooms, which was very pleasant and gave you a relaxing feeling – as if you were staying in a wooden cabin in a forest.

The room was spacious, charming and came with a lovely view of the snowy hill behind the hotel, outdoor pool, nearby woods and mountains in the background. This was postcard material, it was absolutely fantastic.

Our room.


Our view.

As a welcome gift, we were given some healthy snacks and a bottle of Römerquelle.

The shower floor was made up of small tiles, which felt like a little foot massage when standing on them. There were also health tips provided in the room and bathroom, but again, not forced, just on offer if you wanted it.


We each had a therapy session. What you notice in the spa area is the spaciousness and the number of therapy rooms. You get the feeling that this hotel can cater for many people, but in a way that it is not noticed. We didn’t see many guests until dinner.

Helene had a lavender bath which she said was lovely. She said if there were some candles and themed lighting, it would have been perfect.

The massage I had was very good, I’d say the best that I have ever had. The masseuse really worked on areas of my back that had never been worked on before and with techniques I hadn’t experienced. As I climbed Nordkette on my Splitboard four days before, this was an excellent tension reliever.

Get your snow shoes on

After seeing the organised tour returning earlier, we had to try it out. The snow shoes and sticks were provided by the hotel and it was easy to find the designated trails, which were not difficult at all.

Helene getting stuck into it.

It was dusk with no cloud in the sky, the snow was fluffy and fairly deep so trained the legs well.

Looking for the sun.

There was no one in site and the cute village of Bad Häring was looking very charming at the base of the Pölven mountain.

Bad Häring at dusk.

The sun had already set but there was still a wonderful blue gradient in the sky. With tracks left by previous tours, it was just light enough to follow and complete our relaxing one hour trek over the hill and back.

The snow shoe field.

Relaxing in the spa, in spa town

The spacious indoor swimming pool had a panoramic view of the mountains and the outdoor pool had two underwater massage areas. We recommend going for a swim when the sun is setting.

The indoor pool.

The sauna area was great, it had a range of saunas and steam rooms, a daily Aufguss and the opportunity to make your own Aufguss. An ice cold dipping pool and a private area for rolling around in the snow.

Somewhere to roll in the snow after the sauna.

There was a rock cave type area with fresh ice being made and different themed showers.

The gym was quite large and had facilities for many different types of training and rehabilitation.

The view from the gym.

There was also a large pool area specifically for Kneipp therapies, which was a nice addition. Unfortunately this seemed to only be open for one hour per day in the morning.

The Kneipp area.

There were many areas for you to relax, like the hay room.

The hay room.

Or a bench with infrared saunas for your back and an panoramic picture on the wall.

There were many works of art dotted around the hotel that inspired you to relax and remove yourself from the digital world.

One of many inspiring paintings.

There were different healthy snacks as well as natural water from Bad Häring available in the spa area.

Water from the village.

Eat what you like

You have a choice of what type of food you’d like to eat. They had menus designed for different people’s needs. There were also different seating areas, so if you were on a detox holiday, you wouldn’t be tempted by food on other people’s tables who weren’t.

The “normal” menu.

I can only rate the “normal” menu as that is all I had and I can say that it was excellent. I was really impressed by the flavours and the quality of the ingredients.

My main course.

Whilst walking around, we discovered a kitchen where cookery courses can be booked.

Kitchen for cooking courses.

Breakfast was also excellent, especially with the amazing view.

The view from the dining area.

Before we left

A morning swim was fantastic, the sun rising over the mountain with the snow glistening, the birds tweeting and the church bells ringing. Being a spa town, there is hardly any traffic, so you can really escape the busy feeling if you live in or near a city.

Das Sieben gives you the opportunity to be you, be free and relax, whilst being kind to your mind, body and soul. We highly recommend it.

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