Our values

Our Values

Tirol Box is an idea thought up by Helene Clara Gamper at the start of 2016. With partner Ashley Wiggins, they developed the idea into what can be seen today. Helene is a self-employed graphic designer  from Kufstein, Austria and Ashley is a self-employed music and filmmaker  from Hemel Hempstead, England. They both live in the beautiful city of Innsbruck. After an intense development, start-up and launch phase, Helene pulls out of the operational business and the management of Tirol Box per 1 March 2017. Helene fully focuses on her core business HCG corporate designs again, however will still be available for Tirol Box in terms of design and consulting support.

Servus and welcome. We believe it is important to pamper and treat yourself to relieve the stresses of every day life. Tirol Box does this for you by delivering an exciting surprise to your door every month. Just choose your ideal subscription plan and look forward to receiving a box of carefully selected, high-quality Tirolean products. Many of our featured products are hard to find, especially outside of Austria. Most of the products are made specifically for each box. An additional benefit; the value of the products is higher than the subscription price that customers pay. Relax, indulge, de-stress, discover, and experience the alpine lifestyle on a regular basis, in your own home. Put your phone down, take a break from the digital world and enjoy many moments with Tirol Box.

Our logo design was inspired by the Serles mountain in the Stubai Valley. Its mighty greatness is very visible from Innsbruck and surrounding areas. This mountain was not only chosen for its location and visual greatness, but also the origin of its name. The myth goes that a brutally angry knight called Serles and his two sons were turned to stone after a farmer cursed them for their evil and barbaric tendencies. Where the knight’s castle once stood, now stands the Serles mountain with one large peak and two small peaks either side. Treating others with respect and kindness is true to our values. We do not exploit our suppliers, we pay for every product in the box. Also, suppliers do not pay to be a part of the box, they are carefully selected by us to form a collaborative part of our monthly boxes. We do not compete with our suppliers, we support them.

We are independent and funded this project ourselves. We are very amazed by the high-quality and the huge variety of innovative products that come from Tirol. We are proud to be the first and only subscription box that only features products that are produced and/or designed in Tirol.

It is oTirol-Box-our-values-smallur aim to source products that come from Tirol and fit our monthly themes (Tirol Box) and daily essentials (Tirol Box basic). 85% of the products featured are solely produced in Tirol, the remaining 15% are designed/developed in Tirol. The majority of the products are hand-made or partly hand-made. We stand by every product, enjoy using them and often test new products, which we feel is important.

Unlike some other subscription boxes, we do not include sample products unless otherwise stated. If we do include sample products, they will be added as extras, so the value of the box will increase, but the price of the box will stay the same. This is our promise.

People should be able to make a living from doing what they love. Small businesses find it tough to survive, even though their products are fantastic. Tirol Box provides a platform for businesses to reach new customers and grow. We support small and large suppliers who share the same values and their quality and originality are top priorities. Even though we live in a globalised world, our objective is to keep the value chain of Tirol Box local as much as possible.

Living in the heart of the alps, we love discovering new areas and products of the mountains. Hiking, swimming in lakes and mountain biking in the summer, skiing, snowboarding and sledging in the winter. Finding new huts to eat in and new saunas to relax in, the mountains allow you to look at things with a different perspective and this is the essence of Tirol Box. We aim to share this feeling through every box we deliver, so those who do not live here can also experience what Tirol has to offer.


Discover Tirol like never before. Join a limited club and indulge in something that we believe will enrich your every day life. Look forward to receiving your monthly surprise box containing high-quality products from the Tirolean mountains and valleys.