11-16 Tirol Box basic Revealed



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November 2016



Bottle bread

Bread out of the bottle? Yes, that exists indeed. It really is a great experience to shape and bake your own walnut bread in the oven. Look forward to the lovely warm smell that will stream through your kitchen.

Floberry jam

Blackberry gingerbread jam with a lovely fruity-warm tone. On a fluffy brioche bun or warm bread fresh from the oven - mmmh, simply delicious. And now the winter can come ... It goes perfectly with the walnut bottle bread.

Hay shower soap

Sun-dried hay from Tirol‘s mountain meadows, cares for a cosy warmth in the shower. The unusual "stop sensation" on the skin is based on the purity of the soap (no synthetic tensides) and naturally lipid-replenishes your skin.

Chamomile cream

Perfect for your daily skincare, day and night. An extra portion of chamomile and moisture for sensitive and stressed skin - especially when being exposed to dry air indoors, due to radiators at this cold time of the year.

Swiss pine peeling soap

Fine Swiss pine wood flour and crystal salt create the soft peeling effect of this cold-stirred luxury soap, from the Tirolean Alps. Exquisite rose wood oil and fresh grapefruit add an extra sensual experience, for both your nose and your hands.


Fruity chocolate

Our wonderful Tirol Box chocolate, made with milk from the Tyrol Grey cattle and lovingly sprinkled with fruity, wild growing blueberries, is a pleasure for your eyes and your taste buds.

Power Source natural tea

Apple pieces, elderberries and rose hips - nothing else. Best dried fruits, rich in vitamin C, strengthen your body‘s defenses. The perfect hot drink when you want to make yourself feel comfy on wet and cold November days.

The value of the box is calculated with the recommended retail prices as provided by our suppliers: Bottle bread € 7.99, Floberry jam € 3.90, Hay shower soap € 9.80, Chamomile cream € 9.90, Swiss pine peeling soap € 6.90, Tirol Box chocolate € 6.50 per bar (costs for us per bar € 4.30 - Tirol Box chocolates are not available for purchase anywhere else outside of Tirol Box), Power source natural tea € 4.99. All products are paid by us in order to provide a continuous high quality of Tirol Box.